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2023 Money List
Rank Name $
1 Mark Richards $68k
2 Jordan Power $59k
3 Tony Smith $55k
4 Fisher Hamilton $53k
5 Jason Rubin $53k
6 Kaleb Batson $51k
7 Justin Burton Jr. $46k
8 Cheyenne Bubenheim $46k
9 Kyle Malone $42k
10 Gavin Cano $40k
Full Leaderboard
Scoreholio Global Ranks
Rank Name SPR
1 Trox 91.19
2 Nathaniel H 90.27
3 Im awful 90.21
4 Chris R. 89.78
5 Spencer Fabionar 89.73
6 Mac 88.35
7 Asian Zing 87.98
8 Sammy Soto 87.29
9 Evan Bergmann 87.02
10 Caleb F. 86.85
Full Leaderboard

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